Proposed Future Development

The following is our proposal to expand The Nest at Crowsnest Mountain:
1) Amalgamate the property under one zoning bylaw instead of 2, RV park and not residential.
2) Expansion would be a significant decrease in density from what is presently allowed. Less than 100 proposed instead of up to 500 with present zoning.
3) Phasing of new lots in small numbers to not over build to market demand.
4) Utility services of lots would meet present regulations and be useable all year.
5) Property to be subdivided under a bare land condo development.
6) Additional amenities developed.

Our objective in expanding the number of RV lots at The Nest is to address the present market demand for affordable recreational getaways. These RV site owners will help support the local economy as opposed to just passing through. By zoning the property as “bare land condo” it will significantly increase the municipal tax base while not increasing the cost to the municipality.

In addition, the increase in the number of sites helps to stabilize and spread the cost of operations of the RV park making it more affordable for the RVers.

Our proposed development will follow our 3 guiding principals, Stewardship ~ Safety ~ Security, and be a positive addition to the community of Crowsnest Pass.