Present Development

The Nest at Crowsnest Mountain presently in Phase 1, consists of 85 RV sites, 6 cabins, Lodge, staff house, shower/laundry facility, storage shop and water treatment plant.

Of the 85 RV sites – 41 have year-around water by way of a frost-free hydrant; 44 of the sites are restricted to seasonal use for water due to having a tap where the water is turned off in the cold months. The staff house, Lodge and shower/laundry are used all year.

The property, which is approximately 70 acres, is made up of 2 titles with different zoning on each title. Phase 1 is zoned DC1 and the remainder of the land is zoned Comprehensive Resort Village (CRV).

Under the CRV zoning the amount of undeveloped land could allow for up to an additional 500 homes being built on the property.